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Foundation President, Jeff Bell
University President, Dr. Robert R. Furgason

Celika Storm: Taking the City by Storm
Marvin Collins: When Passion and Strategy Meet
Dr. Frank Lucido: Born to Teach
Laurie McDaniel: It’s Never Too Late

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Liabilities & Net Assets
Financial Position

Statement of Financial Position
Chairs, Professorships and Other Programs
Foundation Scholarship Endowments
Foundation Funds
University Scholarship Endowments
University Annual Scholarships

Foundation & University Donors
Honor Wall of Recognition
President’s Council
Tarpon Foundation
   Blue and Green Annual Fund

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2002-2003 Officers & Trustees
  Executive Committee
Jeff Bell, President
John Buckley, Vice President
Guadalupe Rangel, Secretary
Leon Loeb, Treasurer
Richard Leshin, Past President
Robert Furgason, University President (ex officio)

Barbara Canales Black
Ruben Bonilla
Harvie Branscomb, Jr.
John Chapman
Lucien Flournoy
Bert Garcia
Rosie Garza
Rene Haas

Fred Heldenfels, IV
Al Jones
Harris Kaffie
Joe Mueller
Phil Plant
Alvaro Ramos
Celika “Chela” Storm
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Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Foundation • Annual Report 2003