Foundation and University Donors
President’s Council

Legacy Circle

Ed Harte Karen and Mike O’Connor  
Platinum Circle 
Jeff Bell Louise and John Chapman Maxine and Lucien Flournoy
Gold Circle 
Marion Luna Brem Virginia and Randy Cutlip  
Silver Circle 
Mary and Charles Campbell Lynda and Harris Kaffie Maureen and Bill Miller
Rondi and Steven Furgason Annette and Mel Klein Leonard Nisenson
Becky and Bob Grimes Leon Loeb Celika Storm
    Virginia Whatley
Bronze Circle 
Chris and Robert Adler
Peggy and Avinash Ahuja
James Albright
Betty and Joe Baria
Cindy and Mike Boudloche
Mary Jo and Harvie Branscomb
Vanessa and Fred Braselton
Cynthia and Brent Brotzman
Marcia and Ross Burney, O, Gosh
Ellenita and Bruce Collins
Susan and Bob Corrigan
Genevieve and Alex Cox
Becky and David Crow
Marian and John Crutchfield
Martha and Charles DeCou
Gayle and Charles Doraine
Susie and Jack Dugan
Jewel and Les Dunn
Patricia Eisenhauer
Phyllis and George Finley
Frances and Joe Fulton

Gloria and Bob Furgason
Eleanor and Jimmy Goldston
Rene Haas and David Perry
Mary and Paul Haas
Sandra and Dave Harper
Tiny and George Hawn
Liz and Fred Heldenfels
Gloria and Ed Hicks
Cissy and Joe Janosek
Dorothy and Joe Jessel
Janet and Al Jones
Sara and Woody Jones
Andrea and Bob Kendrick
Sissy and Dick King
Martha and Leon Lester
Pat and Larry McNeil
Candace and Jim Moloney
Patty and Joe Mueller
Thetis and Loyd Neal
Patty and Hank Nuss
Ruth and Joe O’Brien

Joan and Bernie Paulson
Beverley and Paul Pearson
Carolyn and Dan Pedrotti
Laura and Tony Pletcher
Ella and Lev Prichard
Ted Puckett
Kate Rainey
Carmen and Alvaro Ramos
Lauraine and Larry Rose
Ellen and Gene Seaman
Terria and Michael Schmidt
Ruth and Joe Sheinberg
Barbara and Jerry Silverman
Davie and Jack Solka
Dee and Ted Stephens
Jean and Ralph Storm
Catherine and Sam Susser
Daryl and George Tanner
Patt and Ben Wallace
Clarice and Phil Wallock
Lola and Ivan Wilson

Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Foundation • Annual Report 2001